We work with global life science organisations - empowering them to reach their decarbonisation targets ahead of promised deadlines through proven energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives.

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EECO2 is trusted by the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to design and implement carbon and cost reduction strategies whilst maintaining or improving quality and compliance.

Since 2020 alone, we have identified/delivered thousands of carbon optimisation projects across hundreds of sites and for a broad range of life science clients - totalling over 85,000 tonnes of CO2 reduction.

We can do the same for your organisation.

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What's Your Challenge?

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How can I reduce my site’s carbon intensity without compromising quality or safety?

Our assessments process gives you clarity on where to start and what to prioritise to acheive your organisation's financial and sustainability objectives.

We enagage with key stakeholders every step of the way, ensuring quality is at the centre of every conversation.

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Need expertise to confirm optimal and sustainable HVAC design?

Applying quality engineering and best practice to the pharmaceutical industry helps our clients to implement the most energy efficient design opportunities, specific to their site and situation.

Our design services are tailored to your requirements, from feasibility and concept to full end-to-end design.

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Struggling to reduce energy consumption in cleanrooms?

Energy consumption in static cleanroom systems accounts for 65-75% of cleanroom costs, mainly derived from conditioning and moving air for appropriate contamination control.

Our dynamic cleanroom control offers an adaptive, demand-based control system that will reduce cleanroom energy consumption by over 60%.

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Need to improve understanding and transparency in energy consumption?

Systems for improving energy efficiency are only as effective as the people implementing and delivering them.

Targeting behaviour change that focuses on the end-user allows organisations to visualise individuals' impact that translates to cost, carbon and energy saving.

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Want to collaborate with subject matter experts and discover best practice?

Our consultancy services focus on delivering transformative outcomes for our clients and the planet.

By using an integrated and cooperative approach to deliver trusted guidance, life science organisations are able to understand bespoke solutions to their unique problems.

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Our Services


Uncover practical energy, water and carbon savings

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Optimise HVAC efficiency and sustainability

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Sustainable innovations for global organisations

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Energy Management

Analyse energy consumers within your site

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Instill engineering best practice into your business

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Achieving Net-Zero Targets

Experts in Net-Zero Strategy & Delivery

The pharmaceutical industry is responding to the challenge of global warming by reviewing its impact throughout its operations and value chain. In doing this, global life science organisations are setting rapidly approaching decarbonisation targets that will deliver a more sustainable pharma industry within a decade.

Yet the road to net-zero carbon is uncertain. Opportunities to decarbonise are not always obvious, and their wider impact on the business can be hard to understand.

Our extensive experience in net-zero strategy and delivery, identification of optimal decarbonisation and energy reduction opportunities alongside the application of engineering best practice means we are ideally placed to provide guidance and collaboration toward the net-zero future you are striving for.

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Experts in HVAC Engineering & Design

Once potential projects have been selected from an initial energy assessment, water assessment or ESOS report, we will produce a study that develops a detailed solution. This feasibility study will include concept designs, risk assessments and detailed costs and savings to enable you to fund and implement projects.

Our services in this area include:

  • HVAC Design
  • Commissioning & Validation
  • Specific Studies & Feasibility Studies
  • Project Sustainability Reviews
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HVAC and pipework

HVAC Engineering & Design

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