Gaining an understanding of your energy usage has never been easier. Monitor system performance, identify savings, and enjoy up to 10% annual savings via customisable live dashboards and monthly expert reports.

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In the digital era, you would think that understanding your site’s greatest energy users would be straightforward. But with mountains of data available, or just not enough, a seemingly simple task can become a complex challenge.

Through the Mobile Energy Monitoring Unit (MEMU), you can drill all the way down to the AHU level to see exactly how each unit is performing, paving the way for the identification of maintenance requirements, defects and even energy saving opportunities while giving continuous transparency over your energy use.

With MEMU’s non-invasive wireless sensors and GSM technology, its flexibility and functionality are not impacted by facility design and layout allowing for rapid installation.

Once setup is complete, we provide the ability to view system performance via live dashboards which can be structured to your site, or multi-site requirements and reporting preferences. Monthly reports are compiled by EECO2’s subject matter experts to help you to understand where you can improve HVAC performance.

Gaining an understanding of your energy usage has never been easier with achievable savings of up to 10% per annum.