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After the EECO2 team has completed a project at a client site, a satisfaction survey is sent out to gain feedback on the project. This allows the client an opportunity to provide EECO2 with any criticisms or improvements for future projects. The questions range from rating technical knowledge of energy efficiency opportunities and project management skills, to quality of deliverables and post-project support. The feedback given is a great way to let the team know how well they are doing and what they can improve on.

Although only 16 surveys have been sent out so far, the response has been extremely positive and EECO2 has received some great feedback and testimonials. The most recent customer feedback on assignments completed, state that 100% of clients rate EECO2 as ‘Excellent’ for ‘technical knowledge of energy efficiency opportunities’ and ‘overall value of investment’ and the team received a score of 92% from clients for ‘quality of deliverables’ and ‘meeting objectives’.

All surveyed clients ‘Strongly Agreed’ that the EECO2 team demonstrated technical knowledge relevant to the project, including transferring best practice knowledge effectively and that the team acted with integrity and were ethical in their dealings, including maintaining client confidentiality.

The work that EECO2 does is very specialised and relies on the EECO2 team having detailed technical knowledge of the project, as well as being able to transfer some of that knowledge to the clients to enable them to continue their sustainability journey. As a company that deal with some very well-known brands and businesses, EECO2 is delighted that the clients can see the team’s commitment and professionalism through their work and communication on client projects.

100% of clients agreed that the project team clearly explained requirements at the beginning of the project and clearly explained the project process prior to order placement. The questions about whether the team explained things clearly, both prior to the order placement and during the project, are extremely important, as clear communication is essential to great customer service.

60% of clients who filled out the survey provided EECO2 with a testimonial, so that the team can hear the feedback in the clients’ own words. EECO2 is pleased to report that 100% of clients surveyed would work with EECO2 again and would recommend the team for future projects.

Here are a couple of recent testimonials submitted by EECO2’s satisfied clients:
The engineering team at EECO2 are easy to work with and have great experience in the field. Their advice is based in real world experience that is clear to understand and is applicable.”
EECO2 helped us in a very professional way to identify and realize savings in our site HVAC operations.”
I think the group is highly knowledgeable and great to work with. They were very friendly and professional.”

For more testimonials, take a look at our website homepage.

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