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HVAC Project Sustainability Reviews

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As EECO2 is a HVAC specialist, we offer HVAC specific project sustainability reviews. A peer review of capital project will clarify whether the design is meeting the project brief in terms of sustainable targets. Our experienced designers will engage with the design team to carry out a rapid assessment of the project as it stands, identify opportunities, share ideas and present recommendations back to the team.


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Energy is a significant cost in the production of pharmaceuticals, and therefore a reduction in energy usage whilst maintaining quality and compliance is a key driver for many of our clients.

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#lifesciences #costreduction #sustainability

As industry moves towards greater sustainable change, collaboration will drive this acceleration. Does collaboration drive change for your organisation?

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Brilliant to see the development of this new initiative in Ireland, in support of action against climate change.

#climateaction #energyefficiency #upskilling

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