Your partner for sustainable design: we offer end-to-end design services that maximize your site’s sustainability potential, reduce operational costs, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Planning to build a new facility but want to guarantee sustainable performance?

Unsure how to optimise an existing design without impacting site operations?

Looking to create a truly zero carbon site?

Armed with the knowledge accumulated from hundreds of life science facilities around the world, our expert team apply sustainable best practice to your site.

We can work with your site team and any existing partners to enhance operational performance and guarantee that sustainability is in-built across your portfolio.

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Feasibility Study

The next step following a 3C Assessment.

Our feasibility studies fully assess the plausibility of an identified decarbonisation opportunity on your site – helping you to understand the most practical means of tackling your carbon profile.

Concept Design

An early but crucial phase of the design process.

At this stage, the strategy and process of the project are mapped out which in turn enables successful delivery further along the timeline.

Detailed Design

In this phase, the design is refined to enable final delivery.

EECO2 will produce precise 2D and 3D models of the new facility, complete with piping & instrumentation diagrams, cost build-up estimates and procurement plans – allowing you to envision the full cost and carbon impact of the project.

Design Review

We assess your existing detailed design for sustainability to ensure your facility matches your net zero ambitions.

Leveraging our decades of experience in sustainable design, we will recommend potential improvements so that your facility is optimised for high energy and carbon performance.