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Concept & Detail HVAC Design

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Our HVAC designers use their in-depth knowledge of live pharmaceutical facilities along with industry standard tools and software (e.g. psychrometric analysis, AutoCAD, Revit (BIM), IES Virtual Environment) to deliver a quality package of design documentation to move the project towards realisation.


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#COP26 President @AlokSharma_RDG said: “This wonderfully #innovative project will help communities around the world visualise how they can help achieve [#netzero]."


Achieving high levels of energy efficiency is not something that should be seen as out of reach or cost-inefficient. Not only are #energyefficiency projects capable of significant cost saving, but they also have short payback periods and a positive NPV.

#carbonemissions #netzero

This week, @TheSMI announced the 10 #TerraCarta Transition Coalitions at the @G7, which aim to drive #sustainable investment. As a supporter of the Terra Carta, we are proud to continue these efforts and accelerate industry action.

#netzero #pharma #sustainability

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