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4. CapitProject Sustainability Reviews

Capital Project Sustainability Reviews

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A peer review of capital project will clarify whether the design is meeting the project brief in terms of sustainable targets. Our experienced designers will engage with the design team to carry out a rapid assessment of the project as it stands, identify opportunities, share ideas and present recommendations back to the team.


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What do we mean by net zero?

Net zero is the recognition that carbon emissions exist across three levels of business.

Learn more here: https://www.eeco2.com/solutions/environmental-sustainability/

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The challenges we face in delivering carbon reduction vary within our industry. But by developing an understanding of site energy consumption and energy saving projects, local changes can make a global difference.

Check our bio to learn about your site’s energy use!

Cleanrooms and labs see energy consumption 10 to 100x greater than in office spaces of comparable proportion.

As a result, a sizeable opportunity for improved efficiency and reduced carbon output exists in controlled spaces.

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