Unlock energy efficiency excellence through our 3C Assessments: achieve upwards of 30% carbon reduction on your life science sites, with rapid ROI (often under 3 years) while vitally maintaining compliance at all times We consider Carbon, Cost and Compliance at every stage. 


Carbon | Cost | Compliance

Through our decades of experience in life science sites around the world, we’ve developed an unparalleled approach to identifying and quantifying the best opportunities to decarbonise your site.

Using proprietary technology we examine your site’s data and perform bespoke energy analysis.

With an on-site (or virtual) visit to follow, our team take this opportunity to transfer knowledge of engineering best practice to your site team and begin the construction of a comprehensive roadmap, complete with a step-by-step plan for delivery.

For any of the final opportunities that we propose, our deep understanding of your site enables us to calculate the exact impact – factoring carbon, cost and compliance into every recommendation presented with a 3C Assessment.

As a result, our clients enjoy fantastic savings, with many assessments identifying carbon reductions greater than 30% of a site’s total carbon profile, enabling them to accelerate their net zero ambitions.

Through our 3C approach, sustainability ambitions become sustainable operations.



Vial manufacturing



Focus efforts on your site’s energy profile.

Our team of experts will gain an in-depth understanding of all energy users and how best to tackle each one, resulting in a comprehensive roadmap that not only lessens the carbon intensity of your site but enables you to make informed decisions to reduce your operational expenditure.

Energy & Water

Address the full impact of your on-site operations.

Taking into account all water and energy users, we provide you with the pathway to transform your site’s total sustainability performance!

HVAC Focused

Dive deeper into a key energy user.

It is no secret that in life science, HVAC is a considerable consumer of your site’s energy and budget! This complex but essential technology requires careful expertise to optimise performance without impacting facility operations.


“The entire EECO2 team was very engaged, provided useful feedback… and provided meaningful ideas that would make positive impacts to support the site’s sustainability goals”.

Director, Central Utilities and Energy Management, Top 10 Life Science Organisation.

A 33% Reduction in Carbon Intensity!

Our 3C Energy & Water assessment revolutionised our client’s carbon footprint at their European site; with our recommendations finding an average payback of less than three years, our client was quick to take the next step towards net zero thanks to the clear business case for more sustainable operations, unearthed by our unique 3C approach.

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