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results pharma energy reduction


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Our latest case study focuses on a client site in America, which manufactures and packs non-sterile consumer healthcare products. The brief was to perform a pharmaceutical energy reduction assessment workshop, including HVAC energy assessment and major capital project review. The EECO2 team worked together with the on-site team to create a cost-effective plan to reduce energy consumption, whilst maintaining product quality, compliance & safety.

To read more about the methodology used and the outstanding saving results identified, take a look at the case study itself.

results pharma energy reduction

EECO2 facilitated an on-site HVAC projects and energy reduction Assessment Workshop event working together with the client site engineering team and other stakeholders.

The assessment workshop event is a structured 4-day, facilitated workshop drawing on the local site expertise and knowledge, with external current best practice and challenge of current practices being provided by the EECO2 facilitation team. It also included peer review workshops with other local designers and consultants to assess and maximise opportunities of planned capital projects.

If you have a need for a similar workshop, contact us at info@eeco2.com.


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3 years at EECO2 Ltd!

Thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm over the last 3 years, Emma! We look forward to seeing you continue to excel at EECO2.

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'All companies have fought their own unique battles this year, and lessons can be learnt from their successes.'

We were delighted to be part of the ISPE India Affiliate Pharma Best Practices series, and thank you all for getting involved!

We hope this free presentation pack provides valuable insight into our cleanroom talk:


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