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EECO2 is a leading global provider of researched, tested, and proven engineered efficiency solutions, offering bespoke services globally to GSK.

With a particular focus on HVAC systems, we adopt an integrated approach to carbon, cost, and compliance. Using a unique combination of tools, processes, and regulatory expertise, we have supported over 70 GSK sites in achieving compliant efficiency objectives.


Using significant energy and also vital for quality, safety and compliance, HVAC is where much of our work is concentrated.

Fortunately, good engineering, robust controls and proactive energy management can enhance quality, safety and compliance as well as reducing energy consumption.

  • HVAC Design
  • Commissioning & Validation
  • Specific Studies & Feasibility Studies
  • Project Sustainability Reviews


EECO2 can provide a range of services to support cost, carbon, and water reduction objectives whilst maintaining or improving compliance.

These services include input at pre-construction stage for new systems or facilities as well as the analysis of existing systems for improvement.

  • Full Energy Kaizens
  • Water Kaizens
  • Capital Project Sustainability Reviews
  • Dynamic Project Modeling


An Energy Kaizen Event is often the first step we take when when working with new sites and facilities.
This is a highly collaborative process which sees our team working closely with a range of stakeholders including site Engineering, QA, Production, EHS and SLT.

Kaizen outcomes allow us to assess the nature and size of the opportunity and move forward to more detailed project design and feasibility studies if appropriate.


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The following case studies are available to download, simply click on the resource you would like and enter your email. You will then recieve the pdf in an email. Please note that this must be a verified email. If you are having trouble downloading any case studies, please get in touch with us at

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Title Location Project Type Sector
Klockner Thailand 2014 Thailand HVAC Assessment Pharmaceuticals
Korangi Pakistan 2014 Pakistan Energy Kaizen Pharmaceuticals
Mississauga Canada 2015 Canada Energy Kaizen Pharmaceuticals
Nabha India 2015 India HVAC Energy Kaizen Pharmaceuticals
Sligo Republic of Ireland 2015 Republic of Ireland HVAC Energy Kaizen Pharmaceuticals
Sonepat India 2015 India HVAC Energy Kaizen Pharmaceuticals
Xochimilco Mexico 2015 Mexico HVAC Energy Kaizen Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Cape Town South Africa 2015 South Africa Energy Kaizen Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Ware UK 2015 UK Energy Kaizen Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Evreux France 2015 France Energy Kaizen Pharmaceutical
Levice Slovakia 2016 Slovakia HVAC Assessment Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Nashik India 2016 India Energy Kaizen GMS Manufacturing
Nyon Switzerland 2016 Switzerland Energy Kaizen GMS Manufacturing
Cork Republic of Ireland 2016 Republic of Ireland HVAC Assessment Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Parma Italy 2016 Italy Energy Kaizen GMS Manufacturing
GSKT/Suzhou China 2016 China Energy Kaizen GMS Manufacturing
Lincoln UK 2016 UK Energy Kaizen GMS Manufacturing
Montrose UK 2017 UK Energy Kaizen GMS Manufacturing
Alcala Spain 2017 Spain Energy Kaizen GMS Manufacturing
Imaichi Japan 2017 Japan Energy Kaizen Pharmaceuticals
Jamshoro Pakistan 2018 Pakistan Energy Kaizen Pharmaceuticals
Piramal India 2018 India 3rd Party Kaizen Pharmaceuticals
Korangi Pakistan 2019 Pakistan Kaizen Light Pharmaceuticals
TSKF China 2019 China Energy Kaizen Pharmaceuticals