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With air travel to and from the UK looking likely to be limited for some time to come, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind existing and prospective clients that much of our work can be carried out remotely without the need for travelling to sites or physical meetings. 

The EECO2 team is already well equipped for remote working including video conferencing and secure file transfer and the following key elements of our service can be facilitated remotely/virtually – don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information or to request a demonstration. 

Remote site energy surveys 

A site energy survey is usually the start point from which EECO2 can identify further opportunities for detailed project development and feasibility. 

Using the latest 3D mapping and visualisation technology, we are now able to carry out site energy surveys remotely, creating accurate interactive 3D models of facilities to enable detailed energy surveys and analysis.  

The resulting high quality record of site systems has a host of practical uses beyond the project and usually represents a cost saving on traditional methods. 

Facility design reviews (including HVAC and Cleanroom design) 

EECO2 can provide detailed evaluation of the energy efficiency performance of capital projects throughout the design process to ensure that new facilities and refurbishment projects operate optimally and in compliance with relevant directives.​ 

We have developed a portfolio of design guides and energy efficiency standards for several clients who use these within their capital project teams and also to educate project engineering design and delivery contractors.​ 

Because of our expertise in cGMP and pharmaceutical manufacturing, we know what works and what does not, and can challenge our clients to be better, whilst never compromising product quality or safety. 


EECO2’s MEMU (Mobile Energy Monitoring Unit) allows for the remote monitoring of energy consumption in addition to the status of filters in HVAC systems. Energy and maintenance managers are therefore able to identify exactly where and how much energy is being consumed in their facilities as well as being able to monitor filter integrity, reducing the need for physical interventions.   

The MEMU® is simple to install utilising wireless communication between sensors and can be tailored to meet a client’s specific requirements. It can be used to prove energy savings before and after a project. Data is transmitted via GSM technology to a bureau hosted by EECO2. This allows clients to view dashboards and access monthly reports. 


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