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EECO2’s Keith Beattie and Matt Harris have worked together to produce a new feature for the August edition of Cleanroom Technology; ‘Guide to energy-efficient cleanroom projects’. This feature looks at delivering efficient and resilient manufacturing facilities in the energy intensive pharma industry. 

“The energy use in pharma processes is significantly affected by initial design decisions, making it an excellent opportunity for improving lifecycle cost visibility at an early stage”

Matt tells how sustainability reviews are often left until the late stages of a design, so nearly everything is already in place and it is very hard to make any real changes. He goes on to describe how this affects the new buildings as they become a replica of what has come before… with only slight changes. 

“Through EECO2’s experience of providing a range of services—efficiency workshops, survey, design—we see first-hand even relatively new facilities operating well below optimal levels. This highlights many of the issues with the standard construction process”

The piece discusses ‘old vs. new’, including why new facilities are often much less efficient than older ones and what needs to change for future design and build projects to become more energy efficient. One of the main suggestions is to keep it simple, with clear targets at the beginning of the project. 

“The efficient and resilient facilities of tomorrow don’t need to emerge from science fiction neither do they require huge additional budgets. We have the technology and design tools to deliver them today at no significant cost premium”

Read the full article here.

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