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It is always exciting adding another location onto the EECO2 case study map. It allows our clients to see where the team has traveled to, what kind of projects we have covered and in which locations. This time, the new case study is in Turkey.

The case study focuses on a detailed site survey on potential energy savings within the HVAC systems of a pharmaceutical manufacturer in Turkey. But when the EECO2 team fitted one of the larger HVAC systems with the MEMU, two additional potential energy saving projects were uncovered.

Results: £12,000 per year on 1 AHU!


If you want to see how our Case Study map looks now – click here.

For more information on the MEMU, get in touch today on info@eeco2.com.

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3 years at EECO2 Ltd!

Thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm over the last 3 years, Emma! We look forward to seeing you continue to excel at EECO2.

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'All companies have fought their own unique battles this year, and lessons can be learnt from their successes.'

We were delighted to be part of the ISPE India Affiliate Pharma Best Practices series, and thank you all for getting involved!

We hope this free presentation pack provides valuable insight into our cleanroom talk:


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