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A new two-part article has been published by Clean Air and Containment Review (CACR). The article, by Shuji Chen (EECO2), Andrew Butterworth (EECO2) and L. Jiang (University of Liverpool), appears in CACR issue 37 (Winter/Spring 2019) and is entitled ‘Air quality indices and cleanroom ventilation equations, and their application in a cleanroom HVAC system. Part one: theoretical considerations.’

This is the first part of a two-part paper, which summarizes current understanding of air quality indices and cleanroom ventilation equations and their use in a cleanroom heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The equations for air quality indices, including the contaminant removal effectiveness index (CRE) and the air change effectiveness index (ACE) are reviewed, based on particles rather than gases, and dispersion rates from personnel and machinery are examined. The cleanroom ventilation equations, together with the air quality index and the dispersion rate of particles, are then used to calculate the minimum air change rate (ACR) that is required in non-unidirectional cleanrooms to achieve less than the maximum specified concentration of airborne particles.

The second part of the paper, set to be published in issue 38, will describe the experimental work carried out by EECO2 Ltd.

Read the article.

Contact EECO2 about the article.

CACR is a quarterly journal and comes as one of the member benefits for members of CCN (Contamination Control Network), the society for cleanroom, clean air and containment practitioners. To join CNN please contact membership@theccnet.org.


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