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MEMU™ Mobile Energy Monitoring Unit

The MEMU™ is an independent metering, monitoring and targeting system (MM&T). It is simple to install utilising wireless communication between sensors and can be tailored to meet a client’s specific requirements. It can be used to prove energy savings before and after a project. Data is transmitted via GSM technology to a bureau hosted by EECO2. This allows you to view dashboards and access monthly reports.

How it Works

Wireless sensors are installed to monitor key metrics on plant and equipment rather than the usual main meters and sub meters. This gives very granular, accurate information. The data is captured at half hourly intervals and this data is manipulated to produce energy consumption information that can be normalised against local temperatures, production or occupation. This information is displayed as monthly reports and monitoring dashboards enabling the user to identify energy trends, energy savings, failed equipment.


Most of the sensors are wireless allowing for fast easy installation with minimal disruption. When the required reporting period is finished the solution can be moved and reinstalled on another item of plant. As opposed to most MM&T systems the MEMU™ allows for very granular monitoring of plant or equipment and can be easily scaled up. Data can easily be configured to meet bespoke requirements and any reports can be branded as required.

Typical Sensors

Typical Applications

  • AHU Systems – Filter status, cooling energy, heating energy, Specific Fan Power
  • Filters – Predictive filter change, energy consumption, early failure alarms
  • Chilled Water Systems – Installation efficiency, energy use
  • Compressed Air Systems – Leak checking, energy use
  • Lighting – LUX, energy, monitored separately
  • Air Quality – CO2 levels, temperature & humidity
  • Dust Extraction systems – Energy use, compressed air, filters
  • Dehumidification units – Energy use, efficiency

Dashboard Portal

To allow EECO2 clients access to their MEMU™ data we have created a secure portal where you can log-in and view your dashboards and download monthly reports.

Energy dashboard
Typical Dashboard

energy reporting
Example of an Energy Report

MEMU™ Summary

  • Independent MM&T System
  • Simple to install utilising wireless communication between sensors
  • Energy project proving device
  • Flexible system – Can be tailored to meet a client’s specific requirements
  • Data is transmitted via GSM technology to a bureau hosted by EECO2
  • Bureau data is secure and can be configured to meet bespoke requirements
  • Data can be reported in various formats
  • Various cost options available

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