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Last week, the EECO2 team met with Camfil’s MD and the regional sales reps at the Camfil headquarters in Dublin, to present EECO2’s energy monitoring system; The MEMU.

EECO2’s Energy and Products Division Engineering Manager, Andrew Butterworth, presented the benefits of the MEMU, detailing how the technology works and how the Camfil sales team would be able to use the system in order to showcase their products.

The presentation was well received, and the group were interested to learn about how the MEMU could be used to prove their products – in particular, showing how energy efficient a new Camfil filter would be in comparison to what a competitor is offering.

Having this technology on their side, the company will be able to stand out (further) from their competition, with this unique selling point; proving the benefits in energy efficiency and cost.

Both EECO2 and Camfil are excited to see where this future collaboration will lead.


The MEMU is an independent metering, monitoring and targeting system (MM&T). It is simple to install utilising wireless communication between sensors and can be tailored to meet a client’s specific requirements. It can be used to prove energy savings before and after a project. Data is transmitted via GSM technology to a bureau hosted by EECO2. This allows you to view dashboards and access monthly reports. Find out more about the MEMU.

memu presentation

Do you want to prove the efficiency of your HVAC product, or improve the efficiency of your HVAC system? Get in touch today!

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