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Another MEMU has been installed in a client site in Ireland. The equipment has been shipped to the pharmaceutical manufacturing site and installed, to prove energy savings of some new energy efficient filters. The MEMU will be installed before the project begins, as to record the ‘before’ energy consumption rates. The new filters will then be fitted in the AHUs, aiming to reduce energy consumption of the site. After the instillation has taken place, the MEMU will then record the granular results of energy consumption and will compare the results; proving to the client (and the filter manufacturer) just how effective the project has been, how much energy, carbon and cost they will save and how energy efficient the new filters actually are.

For more information on the MEMU, click here.

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The MEMU® is an independent metering, monitoring and targeting system (MM&T). It is simple to install utilising wireless communication between sensors and can be tailored to meet a client’s specific requirements. It can be used to prove energy savings before and after a project. Data is transmitted via GSM technology to a bureau hosted by EECO2. This allows you to view dashboards and access monthly reports.

MEMU Case Studies can be found here.


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Practical advice document available for reducing the risk of airborne transmission of COVID-19 via HVAC systems.

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Well done in leading the way @KeeleUniversity!

Great to see more Universities taking control of their energy consumption and working to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change.

#Education is the key to success

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The National Grid has launched its Future Energy Scenarios Report

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