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Intelligent thinking for the modern cleanroom

Would you like to improve the compliance of your cleanroom, whilst reducing site energy consumption?

A review of cleanroom costs in Europe indicated that energy consumption accounts for 65-75% of the annual cost of running a cleanroom, with HVAC systems accounting for the majority of this. 

In most cases, particle generation rates are low, therefore air flow rates within the cleanroom are much higher than required. Fundamentally, the standard industry model for both existing and new cleanroom construction has not changed for over 50 years. EECO2 is pleased to offer the solution:

The ICCS® is a unique and innovative technology that allows for adaptive, demand-based control of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) to a cleanroom. It controls on the particle concentration within the cleanroom, not the air change rate, allowing for a reduction in air flow when not required. Particle concentration is continuously monitored and stored in a database.

Continuous monitoring of cleanroom performance assures product quality at lower cost & environmental impact. 

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The solution is offered after several years of R&D by EECO2. We have built a cleanroom test facility at our headquarters and the ICCS® is patented. It is an overdue technological leap forward for cleanroom design and operation offering continuous monitoring of cleanroom performance, whilst assuring product quality, improving compliance and sustainability and achieving significant energy savings. We have demonstrated energy savings of up to 60% on traditional control systems.

Energy savings observed through testing at our cleanroom test facility.


  • Adaptive (demand based) control of cleanroom HVAC has huge potential for energy reduction globally
  • EECO2 has demonstrated 60% energy savings using ICCS®
  • An overdue technological leap forward for cleanroom design & operation (not solely in Pharmaceutical manufacturing)
  • Continuous monitoring of cleanroom performance assures product quality at lower cost & environmental impact

How it works

The ICCS® control solution can be retrofitted to a cleanroom HVAC system or can be designed as a new build. A continuously monitoring particle counter is installed in the cleanroom and this particle concentration data is used to adaptively control the air flow rates to ensure compliance within the classification of the grade of cleanroom.

The pressure cascade and environmental conditions are also maintained. Any alarm condition is also reported by the system.


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