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Energy Assessments can create real savings and at EECO2 the team do their best to collaborate with clients on the most effective action to take to reduce energy, cost and carbon emissions, but without the client’s buy-in, any energy saving solution that is identified cannot progress. EECO2 provides practical solutions, to enable the team to continue to deliver projects and create the savings predicted by EECO2 and site teams.

Senior management engagement and sponsorship is key to the team being able to deliver successful opportunities. When the savings can be made in a safe and reliable way, it is great to see clients that are enthusiastic and take on the projects created for their site. One recent example of this is with one of EECO2’s large pharmaceutical clients:

EECO2 were commissioned to perform an Energy Assessment and report on the opportunities for energy usage reduction at a medical device manufacturing facility in Ireland. EECO2 delivered an Energy Assessment focussed on HVAC (HVAC is often the largest energy consumer on a client site) – a proven process that guides the site team to identify and prioritise significant energy and carbon projects that have been discussed in detail and are viable for implementation. The event delivered an agreed and focussed project plan.

After the event, EECO2 worked closely with the site to develop project details for the final plan. The site team took the findings and actively pursued an air change reduction project to deliver a positive savings result. With an ISO50001 Energy Management System in place, the site could easily track their energy consumption before and after, demonstrating the success of the projects.

The EECO2 team originally calculated an annual saving for the energy saving projects of €64k, with a payback period of only 0.9 years. The client has recently confirmed that they have already delivered €56.5k real savings, with some more savings to be realised. The team is continuing to peruse the developed project plan.

It is great to see evidence of the EECO2 team’s hard work developing into actual recorded savings for our clients.

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