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EECO2 welcomes a new addition to the company fleet. This Toyota C-HR brings the total of hybrid vehicles within EECO2 up to 4. The Toyota C-HR delivers lower emission levels than traditional engine cars, with a combined CO2 emission of 86 g/km.

By using both a conventional engine and electric motor, hybrids achieve significantly better fuel efficiency than their non-hybrid counterparts. They also pollute less and save drivers money through fuel savings. As EECO2 is an energy efficiency specialist, working with our clients each day to lower energy consumption and carbon emissions, it makes sense that we, as a team, do our part too and lead by example.

“With low fuel-consumption comes low emissions; our Hybrid cars boast some of the lowest CO2 emissions in their classes and very low levels of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx)” Toyota, UK.

Benefits of Hybrid cars:

  • Cleaner energy
  • Incentives
  • Regenerative braking
  • Reduced fuel dependence
  • Weight savings
  • Smaller engines
  • Higher resale value

We aim to continue to find ways within EECO2 to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage others to do the same.



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This month's @CRTmagazine issue features an article about how we can build back better after (and even during) this global pandemic.

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Link to the article:

10 - 11th November, brings the best of the Cleanroom & Pharma industry together for Cleanroom Technology Conference Virtual!
Don't miss Keith Beattie's presentation on improving quality and compliance, whilst reducing energy consumption, emissions & cost. https://www.eeco2.com/cleanroom-technology-conference-2020/

The EECO2 team is expanding faster than ever, with many new team members this year. We pride ourselves on having a diverse and experienced team, whilst investing in the future. Meet our new EECO2 team members: https://www.eeco2.com/new-eeco2-team-members/

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