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EECO2 has launched a new service offer in order to better support clients to achieve their ongoing sustainability goals.

EECO2’s “3 Cs” proposition adopts a holistic view of carbon, cost and compliance, and uses a unique combination of tools, processes and regulatory expertise to tailor solutions to individual clients.

“EECO2 is a well-established business which works with most of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies” explained EECO2 director Keith Beattie.

“Our “3 Cs” model is an integrated approach which acknowledges that energy alone is not enough – risk-based analysis and careful evaluation of quality aspects provide opportunities to improve compliance at the same time as reducing cost.”  

EECO2 cite the example of the implementation of the new GMP Annex 1 as the type of project which would benefit from their integrated approach: “the requirement for a holistic contamination control strategy (CCS) is the perfect opportunity for manufacturers to consider carbon and cost improvements whilst identifying and mitigating risk and improving product quality.”   

For more information please contact info@eeco2.com.  


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Well done in leading the way @KeeleUniversity!

Great to see more Universities taking control of their energy consumption and working to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change.

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The National Grid has launched its Future Energy Scenarios Report

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