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This month, EECO2 is celebrating its 12th year in business. In 2006, Rob Wallace founded the successful energy efficiency business with the intent of helping large pharmaceutical and high-tech companies reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and energy costs. Starting off with an established solid base in Energy Compliance Services, EECO2 developed an Energy Consultancy offering.

In 2008, Peter Harrison joined the business. At that point, EECO2 had two business partners with lots of enthusiasm and dedication. As they both already had great experience in the Life Sciences Sector, they used their expertise and knowledge, along with a major client (a Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer) to grow. They continued to help businesses reduce energy and cost, while creating and maintaining relationships within the industry.

Rob developed the supporting product base for energy monitoring, which now includes a specialist cleanroom control system and a monitoring Bureau for client support. (Read more about the MEMU here)

With the knowledge of the EECO2 experts and the experience gained from supporting organisations to become more sustainable, the business became increasingly successful and the client base continued to grow, as did the number of employees. Starting with only one office in the North West of England, to now operating four offices across the world; based in the UK, Ireland, America and Australia.

As the company goes from strength to strength, the EECO2 team can look back and think about where it all started 12 years ago.


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10 - 11th November, brings the best of the Cleanroom & Pharma industry together for Cleanroom Technology Conference Virtual!
Don't miss Keith Beattie's presentation on improving quality and compliance, whilst reducing energy consumption, emissions & cost. https://www.eeco2.com/cleanroom-technology-conference-2020/

The EECO2 team is expanding faster than ever, with many new team members this year. We pride ourselves on having a diverse and experienced team, whilst investing in the future. Meet our new EECO2 team members: https://www.eeco2.com/new-eeco2-team-members/

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Returning to site?

This short video provides some practical advice on returning to site during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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