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Last week, the EECO2 team attended both INTERPHEX in New York City and The SEAI Energy Show in Dublin.

INTERPHEX was a huge event – expected to reach 10000 participants this year. EECO2’s Managing Director Rob was able to connect and network with industry experts and learn more about the latest technology in the Life Science market. This year also saw the launch of the INTERPHEX Show App, which was designed to help attendees and exhibitors increase their network, meet with key industry professionals and discover new business opportunities. It seems that the opportunities for networking at these events are taking on a new digital direction.

The Energy Show had a great atmosphere, with lots of interesting and informative talks and useful networking opportunities. SEAI organised the show and in addition to entry to the event at the Royal Dublin Society, every attendee had access to their new mobile app, which alerted you as to when talks and sessions started – very useful! The exhibitors ranged from heater manufacturers to wind turbine installers and a large section of the event was dedicated to electric vehicles, which was a very impressive sight and attracted a lot of attention, especially as attendees were allowed a test drive.

SEAI Business Grants

One of the most popular sessions at the show, focused on the ‘Grants and Supports for Large Energy Users’ from SEAI. The speaker, Fergus Sharkey of SEAI, presented a detailed overview of where SEAI can support large energy users to reduce energy demand and which of the grant schemes would suit which business.

The grants cover the majority of energy saving projects, from research and development to project management and equipment costs for Irish businesses. Some of the grants offer up to 75% for project assistance and with this amount of financial support available, it is an opportunity not to be missed.

To find out more about the SEAI Business Grants visit the SEAI website. If you want help identifying which grant is right for you and how EECO2 can assist with your energy project, contact us!


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