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As a global organisation with clients all over the world, there are times when the EECO2 team is spread right across the globe. Supporting customers from one continent to the next; separated by oceans, but maintaining the high level of customer service and great quality engineered projects across-the-board.

This week, the EECO2 team is in Ireland, performing an energy and water event; developing energy and water saving projects for a top 10 global pharma client. Meanwhile, another project team is in Croatia performing a HVAC assessment on a client site. Then there are those working in the UK, visiting customers not too far from our head office in Cheshire…

Last week, Keith Beattie (Director, EECO2) was in the USA speaking at an ISPE event (see more about that here), while the engineering team were in Spain performing an energy assessment. The client site that was established around 1975 and concentrates on tablet manufacturing, showed lots of examples of good practice and had a great and accommodating site team, which really helped the EECO2 team coordinate a successful event.

When the EECO2 team is travelling, further emphasis is placed on communication to maintain strong connections between the team. This ensures that nothing is missed, projects are controlled and managed smoothly and the close relationship within the organisation remains as strong as ever.

If you have a project you would like to talk to EECO2 about, contact us today. Or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to see where we go next.



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3 years at EECO2 Ltd!

Thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm over the last 3 years, Emma! We look forward to seeing you continue to excel at EECO2.

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'All companies have fought their own unique battles this year, and lessons can be learnt from their successes.'

We were delighted to be part of the ISPE India Affiliate Pharma Best Practices series, and thank you all for getting involved!

We hope this free presentation pack provides valuable insight into our cleanroom talk:


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