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Last week, the EECO2 team visited a global pharmaceutical manufacturing company in India to conduct a final site survey for a fresh-air pre-treatment project. The team were finalising the design to retrofit new air handling units (AHUs) which provide dehumidified fresh-air to existing AHUs. Whilst there, the team supported the client with an installation of a similar solution (fresh-air pre-treatment) in another plant room.

Benefits of a fresh-air pre-treatment installation

Once the new AHUs are up and running, the client will notice a considerable drop in energy consumption. This is because the fresh-air, which contains a majority of the moisture, will be dehumidified before being supplied to the existing recirculating AHUs, resulting in the existing AHUs not having to engage their re-heat or cooling coils as much or in some cases at all!

This has a knock-on effect on electricity and gas consumption, which means that energy costs for the site will reduce considerably.

This solution is highly recommended for hot and humid climates, but clients in cooler environments will also benefit – providing they require low humidity in the space in question.

If you are unsure which solution your site requires, the EECO2 team will be happy to evaluate the feasibility of the project to suit your needs. Contact EECO2 here.


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