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Our mission is to help improve global sustainability within the life science sector, with our innovation, integrity, and professionalism, to create a greener world for the next generation. 

I am delighted to be introducing EECO2’s inaugural MD statement, the first of many to come. 

In 2020, we continued our momentum from previous years through the continued support of global pharmaceutical companies to deliver their energy efficiency and carbon reduction strategies at the site, regional and global levels. 

It was an exciting and eventful year for many reasons; we continued delivering innovative energy efficiency projects which support our customers in carbon and cost reduction while also improving compliance. It also presented the opportunity to work more closely with our customers on new opportunities, solutions, and products. 

Last year was most notably affected by the impact of the COVID-19 virus, which has affected people across the world on an unprecedented scale. Although, as with all demanding situations, we must look at the positives that have emerged during this period – most notably the clear realization of the effect carbon and greenhouse gas emissions are having on our planet. 

On a global scale, it has provided the wake-up call and unity that is required by international communities, of how we can come together to alter the course of the world and change it for the better. Our clients across the life science industry are a prime example of this, coming together and collaborating to deliver multiple vaccines to enable people, countries, and the world to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Although it was an unusual year, we have committed and continued to provide tangible long-term value to our customers by assessing, defining, and delivering cost-effective energy solutions. Through collaboration and providing innovative services and products, we support our customers to achieve their sustainability and energy targets, focusing on their current priorities to how they may evolve in the future. 

I am extremely proud of all that our team, both existing and new, have achieved in 2020, and we truly saw what we are capable of throughout the year. The resilience showed in face of various challenges presented by the pandemic, and their ability to overcome and embrace new ways of working, has been nothing short of exceptional, and a testament to the values and environment we are building here at EECO2. 

Together, I am confident that we will continue to build on our success whilst continuing to be at the forefront of innovation and providing unrivaled services to help our customers across the life science industry and beyond to meet their energy and carbon targets on a global scale. Our solutions, experience, and expertise allow us to play a critical role in the development of sustainable pharmaceutical operations and supply chain, whilst improving quality and compliance. 

We are Moving Fast 

At the beginning of last year, EECO2 had recorded one of its most successful years to date, completing projects for several leading global pharmaceutical companies across numerous locations around the world. In 2020, we continued this growth, delivering projects remotelyusing our innovative, purpose-built systems where required, resulting in identified savings of over 295,000 MWh21.3 million dollars, and 90,000 tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent to 10,445 homes energy usage for one year. 

Last year we continued to grow our global footprint delivering projects at pharmaceutical manufacturing sites across North & South America, Europe, Africa & Asia. Even with the constraints caused by the pandemic, our ability to innovate and utilize technologies allowed us to deliver virtual site visits using tools such as Matterport and 3D Cameras. Although we are confident of being able to collaborate with our customers on-site in the not-to-distant future, remaining dynamic in our business processes is crucial to continue to support our customers in delivering lifesaving care and the COVID-19 vaccine. 

It is clear that the targets set by the global life science industry, around large reductions or even carbon negative footprints, are not achievable without efficiency. It is integral to assess and deliver projects that change or modify existing assets to perform optimally and only utilize the energy that is needed. Typically, around half of a site can be made more efficient, with 50% of that being economically viable to deliver. Our expertise in HVAC and GMP areas, where the vast number of energy-saving opportunities can be found, can considerably help to drive down efficiency whilst maintaining critical requirements.  

This has become even more of a requirement, with leading pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZenecaGSK and, Pfizer having a clear focus on building momentum for sustainability and carbon reduction by 2030. We are proud to have worked on developing an outline of the high-impact steps required at the global, regional and, site level to achieve the sustainability goals of several leading companies. This included major insight into what was needed to refine the operating model to deliver major progress on the procurement of renewable electricity and the general engagement and enthusiasm of teams (at global and site level).  

We also focused on developing organizational-level and site-level decarbonization roadmaps, undertaking a gap analysis to identify a range of additional solutions to deliver the targets, providing robust operational and capital financial assessments of delivering the ambition, as well as the potential technical challenges. Ultimately, this defined the operating model and governance structure required to set up for success and enable the delivery of the roadmap.  

We also began to focus on another critical area of sustainability by offering water assessments to understand and deliver projects to reduce water usage and waste. Last year alone we identified an average of 15 million m3 of water savings, with £170,000 of savings accounting for 30% of site usage. With energy, carbon and, water constituting three of the four main sustainability pillars, it is an integral addition to the services we provide our customers. 

Our R&D efforts also gained considerable momentum with our ground-breaking Intelligent Cleanroom Control System (ICCS) being installed in the first-of-its-kind Cleanroom in the UK that EECO2 has designed and is currently building. We are also developing pilots for ICCS retrofits to existing cleanrooms in the US which will allow our customers the opportunity of 60% energy reduction compared to static systems. We are excited to see the completed project validated and commissioned later this year, with more in the pipeline. 

Our delivery of design services has also increased, from concept through to detailed design for specific projects to new buildings and expansions. Although the change in building approach has changed in the last 10 years, traditionally we are maintaining a legacy thought process of always delivering what we have done before. We are focused on challenging the status quo and creating innovative designs that are energy efficient from inception to reduce the requirement of extensive modifications in the future. 

Each of these projects shows the potential of our business to directly influence the future of sustainability within life science globally and enable the success and growth of more pharmaceutical manufacturers across the world. With every assessment, design project, or product installation we complete, we’re evolving, refining, and improving our expertise and solutions. Each project and discussions add something new and drive our solutions and products forward. 

Priorities in 2021

At EECO2, we are focused on continual improvement, building on our successes, and delivering value to our customers.  

This year we will continue to build on our core strengths and utilize learned knowledge to add new capabilities, both internally and externally, to continue to add new dimensions to EECO2 – delivering both innovation and value to our customers to help… 

Four key areas that we are going to prioritize in 2021 are: 

Focusing on our Core — We will continue to drive collaboration and strategic change for both current and new customers across the life science industry. As our customers continue to innovate to deliver a better quality of life, we will continue to enable them to deliver on their strategic targets with our innovative services and solutions.  

Revisit our Value Proposition — With our customers continuing to challenge the limits of sustainable change in the life science industry, we must focus internally on what we can do to not only be a part of the solution but also deliver the solution. We will continue to ‘walk the walk’ by driving the decarbonization of our operations whilst working with our customers to deliver substantial change.  

Adding New Capabilities — Following last year’s precedent, we will continue to expand our services and solutions to provide value across our customers’ organizations and the wider life science industry. We are providing further support for improving not only energy but also water efficiency, improved metering, and visualization technology, as well as collaborative tools and workshops to share best practices to drive change across the entire organization. This also includes expanding the team here at EECO2 and challenging continual improvement across our operation. 

Continued Execution for Customers — The pandemic has shifted our way of working, both in the solutions we offer and delivery. We will continue to innovate to ensure our customers can maintain their focus on energy efficiency within the timelines they have set by offering improved remote site assessments and COVID-19 risk assessments of their facilities.  

The utilization of our workshops from strategic through to quality and compliance has also increased as we look to engage with key stakeholders across an organization to show what is possible to deliver – in a compliant, efficient way. With new products, solutions, and ways of working, we will continue to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our customers. 

The most important thing is that we continue to execute for customers and deliver the results we’re capable of. The outputs show precisely the kind of impact we can have for our customers across their organizations. Each company we work with sees significant cost, carbon, and energy savings which drive down business-as-usual operating costs in the future. It is that simple. We just need to keep delivering for customers.  

This Time Next Year

This time next year there will be more global alignment on sustainability and carbon reduction, not only within the life science sector but across all sectors, both public and private. 

The life science industry itself will be not only aligning but increasing the pace of change to hit the critical milestones that are required to hit their global targets. Therefore, as we have seen with the collaborations due to COVID, the ever-changing merger and acquisition landscape and updated science-based targets for 2021, the acceleration for most companies in this space is significant. 

Overall, it is evident that innovation is required because we are not going to get there as we are, however, business as usual must continue, so the focus on improving existing facilities and building new facilities, and instilling energy efficiency from the beginning is becoming more critical with each passing month. 

The policy landscape is also changing, maybe not so much in the next year, but in the next 10-15 years policies will change to reflect the monumental shift to achieve global carbon reduction targets by 2040, so expect taxation legislation to change, causing issues on companies relying on offsets. 

We are going to work closely with customers to collaborate and create features or solutions that support the more diverse needs of our customers. If we keep listening to their needs and challenges, the potential in our business is limitless. 

Part of this sharing our knowledge and expertise, whether that is on our platform or others, to discuss ideas, data, and results that we have seen across the industry. We want to evangelize energy efficiency and carbon reduction in pharmaceutical manufacturing and share our customers’ success stories.  

There has never been a more exciting time for our business and industry. I for one, am looking forward to a huge 2021 and helping to facilitate the shift to carbon-neutral (or negative) operations, one tonne of carbon at a time.

Rob Wallace BEng CEng FCIBSE LCC
Managing Director

EECO2 (Energy Efficiency Consultancy Limited)


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