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Given the emerging risk of Coronavirus, we thought it would be prudent to inform our customers, partners and suppliers of the steps EECO2 is taking to mitigate the risk of this fast-changing pandemic. Up to now, it is unclear how the situation will develop, but we are taking this issue very seriously.

EECO2 has developed tools and methods of working remotely with clients to deliver our services. This is aligned with our policy of minimising travel and our impact on the environment from EECO2 business activity, and under these circumstances it is an incredibly useful tool.

In the light of the Coronavirus situation we are:
• Following government and WHO advice for hygiene standards around the workplace and at home
• Accelerating our development of remote working tools to deliver additional value to clients
• Ensuring staff have the tools to work and collaborate remotely when needed (e.g. for self-isolation)
• Evaluating technology enhancements to facilitate remote site surveys
• Training staff on video conferencing and collaboration tools to be more effective
• Reviewing travel risks and keeping our staff safe

We understand that many of our clients are taking a cautious approach and limiting travel. Any project may be affected by this situation will be reviewed on a case by case basis and in line with customer policies.

We will keep in contact with our customers, partners and suppliers, and continually review the situation to ensure we deliver on our commitments during this period.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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