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Cleanroom Management Summit

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EECO2’s Head of Life Sciences Keith Beattie will be speaking at the inaugural Cleanroom Management Summit, to be held in London on 15th and 16th November this year.

The two day event will bring together key industry personnel from the cleanrooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing and microbiological industries. The conference will discuss regulations and compliance, information in validation and standards, as well as highlighting key issues around cleanroom energy consumption and how to make cleanrooms more efficient.

Keith is a chartered engineer and chartered energy manager with over 18 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry in roles including laboratory facilities management, engineering maintenance and manufacturing.

Keith’s presentation will focus on a recent whitepaper by EECO2 on the exploration and development of a retrofit solution to enable significant cleanroom energy efficiency improvements without the need to install a brand new cleanroom or suspend usage for any length of time.

If EECO2’s whitepaper on energy efficiency in cleanrooms might be of interest to you, please click here to sign up to our Knowledge Hub where we’ll be sharing the whitepaper after the conference.


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