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Last week, over 220 people attended the CIBSE Technical Symposium, including EECO2’s own Andrew Butterworth who provided visitors with a presentation about ‘Energy Efficiency in Cleanrooms’. 

He explored the history of cleanrooms and explained the advantages of monitoring and dynamically controlling a cleanroom, including reduction in energy consumption, energy cost savings and maintenance cost savings. Andrew introduced the crowd to the Intelligent Cleanroom Control System (ICCS), which applies intelligent thinking for the modern cleanroom. The results observed at the EECO2 cleanroom test facility were discussed, including an approximate energy reduction of 60% using ICCS, compared with a static system (without using the ICCS).

As the presentation was only an explanation of the poster submitted, it did not cover all of the benefits of ICCS and cleanroom energy efficiency, so if you would like more information on cleanroom energy efficiency, ICCS or EECO2 in general, please get in touch.

So far the feedback for the event has been very positive. All the papers and posters submitted for the event will be available in the next few weeks on the CIBSE website, including Andrew’s presentation.

CIBSE plan to hold the next Technical Symposium in April 2020 and a call for papers will be made in the next month or so.


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