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Client: Global Consumer Healthcare Product Manufacturer | Location: Philadelphia, USA | Sector: CONSUMER HEALTH PRODUCTS


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Previous case study


This was a pharmaceutical energy reduction assessment workshop including HVAC energy assessment and major capital project review. The client site facility mostly manufactures and packs non-sterile consumer healthcare products.

The objectives of the workshop were to create a cost-effective plan to reduce energy consumption at the client site whilst maintaining product quality, compliance & safety. Any identified projects were expected to be practical, realistic and implementable, considering site constraints, development plans and new investments. The site had four major capital projects in the pipeline which were assessed as part of the energy workshop. This will reduce emissions, carbon footprint and utility costs to meet the corporate sustainability objectives and improve site cost competitiveness.


EECO2 facilitated an on-site HVAC projects and energy reduction Assessment Workshop event working together with the client site engineering team and other stakeholders.

Phase 1: Data collection, analysis, energy trending and mapping.
Phase 2: On site Assessment Workshop event.
Phase 3: Final report preparation, review and action planning.

Energy maps were produced by analysing the data provided by the site. The previous full year data was used to prepare the maps. These were split by uses and by buildings to identify significant energy uses and locations to focus on.

The assessment workshop event is a structured 4-day, facilitated workshop drawing on the local site expertise and knowledge, with external current best practice and challenge of current practices being provided by the EECO2 facilitation team. It also included peer review workshops with other local designers and consultants to assess and maximise opportunities of planned capital projects.


The solutions below are based on 16 developed projects for the site:

Air change reduction

Fresh Air reduction and dehumidification

HVAC Setback

BAS Optimisation

EC Fans

Capital project design review


Energy savings identified (per year):

Energy savings identified (per year):

12.4 GWh

18% reduction of site totals

Energy cost savings identified (per year):

Energy cost savings identified (per year):


19% reduction of site totals

The savings identified have an overall simple payback period of 2.5 years and provided a strategy to deliver existing capital projects with minimum investment and maximum return.


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