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Client: Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer | Location: United KingdomChinaAustraliaUSAJapan | Sector: Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing


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After a successful trial in Sydney, Australia, our client went on to introduce a corporate carbon reduction programme, to be rolled out globally. EECO2 worked with a further 10 of the client’s key sites, in the United States (6 sites), China (2 sites), Japan, UK and Australia.


The EECO2 team conducted the on-site energy and water reduction assessment workshop events, working together with the site engineering teams and other stakeholders. The scope included a review of opportunities in HVAC systems serving all areas, utility generation & distribution (steam, chilled water, cooling water, compressed air systems) and water systems.


EECO2 recommended that the client’s focus should be on rapidly implementing HVAC & BMS optimisation opportunities as these have high cost reduction, short paybacks and excellent emissions reductions. As an example, since the event took place, one site implemented optimisation of controls on several HVAC systems, which delivered $190k annual savings with a simple payback of 6 months. As well as the larger energy projects, the events identified 143 ‘Just Do Its’, which are low or no cost actions that site teams can action immediately.

The identified savings based on 273 developed projects.

The average simple payback period for all projects in this case study is 3 years.

The final report to the client showed a total avoided cost of $50 Million per year is achievable by 2025.

The projects identified in this programme represent extremely good value investment opportunities to realise significant sustainability improvements, which will aid the client in meeting corporate targets.


This was a fast-paced event, requiring a lot of pre-execution with data gathering, meeting organization, safety preparation, and multiple logistics concerns. EECO2 was very helpful in identifying and prioritizing critical data needed prior to the event. The team developed models prior to the workshop and were open to changing their models, to reflect learnings they gained during the workshop. Thank you!

USA Site Contract Coordinator

Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer


Annual energy cost savings identified:

Annual energy cost savings identified:

$6.4 Million

25% reduction

Annual energy savings identified:

Annual energy savings identified:

107 GWh

22% reduction

Annual emissions reduction:

Annual emissions reduction:

18,600 tonnes CO2

Annual Water Savings (40 Projects): 47 Million Gallons (22% reduction)

Projects have an average simple payback period of 3 years.


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