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Client: Global Pharmaceutical Company | Location: Ireland | Sector: PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING


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EECO2 facilitated an on-site energy reduction event for a Global pharmaceutical manufacturer client, working together with the client engineering team and other stakeholders. The energy reduction workshop is a proven process that guides the site team to identify and prioritise significant energy and carbon reduction projects that are accepted and can be implemented.

The workshop is supported by detailed data analysis that the EECO2 team undertake off site prior to the workshop. The off-site analysis involves creating a site energy model, bespoke to this client, which is then verified during the workshop.

This enables the EECO2 team to rapidly identify and quantify realistic energy reduction opportunities on a whole site basis.


EECO2 delivered an HVAC energy focussed assessment – a proven process that guides the site team to identify and prioritise significant energy and carbon projects that have been discussed in detail and are viable for implementation.

The site had previously identified key areas of focus and so the scope of investigation included and added to the known opportunities. EECO2’s assessment was focused on GMP areas and identified opportunities for significant savings. During the week, the enthusiastic site team along with EECO2’s engineers combined all identified opportunities into a coherent complete plan for the site to execute.


The data analysis showed that HVAC systems (moving, heating, cooling & dehumidifying air) consume approx. 70% of the current total site energy. These systems generally operate continuously to provide the required environmental conditions. The main areas of opportunity identified were:

Further Integration of existing metering, monitoring & targeting to drive energy performance actions and verify implementation benefits

HVAC optimisation - air change rates in areas are higher than needed to maintain air cleanliness/classification

ISO 8 HVAC areas would benefit from variable air volume supply controlled on temperature rather than a fixed air supply rate

Chilled water system efficiency improvements

Long-term strategy to meet aggressive energy and carbon reduction targets

After the event, EECO2 worked closely with the site to develop project details for the final report. The site team took the findings and actively pursued the air change reduction projects to deliver a great savings result. With an ISO50001 Energy Management System in place, the site could easily track their energy consumption before and after, demonstrating the success of the projects.


Actual annual energy savings delivered:

Actual annual energy savings delivered:

846,100 kWh

Actual annual energy cost savings delivered:

Actual annual energy cost savings delivered:


Actual annual emission savings delivered:

Actual annual emission savings delivered:

418 tonnes

of CO2 emissions

The event identified savings of 1,500 MWh, €122k and 655 tonnes of CO2. The site’s commitment to project delivery has been a great success, but there is still more to deliver. EECO2 would be pleased to support the realisation of the remaining opportunity. The savings identified have a 0.9 year payback period.


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