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ISPE comes to Manchester this month, with the Europe Pharma 4.0 Conference. The event will be held at Old Trafford, but there will also be site visits available, giving an insight into the reality of Pharma 4.0. With two days full of informative presentations, interactive sessions and opportunities to network, the event is expected to be a hit with industry experts, decision makers and key suppliers.

The EECO2 team will be exhibiting again this year and look forward to meeting all the delegates interested in energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions and energy costs!

ISPE confirms that the conference will focus on:

  • How digitalisation will open new horizons to achieve new levels of being connected, with transparency, agility and more productivity due to accurate information for decision making
  • How workplaces change: “Functional Silos” will no longer be needed after digitalisation is successfully implemented
  • How pharma is driven by current industry practice and by globally connected systems: the GXP rules and technical standards will be harmonised globally, mutual recognition of inspections will grow as well as similar enforcement of global rules and standards
  • How in a Pharma 4.0 world it will be feasible to be connected, while respecting and applying different cultures and management styles?
The event will be followed by the 2019 ISPE UK Affiliate Annual Awards Dinner.

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#ISPE India will be hosting Pharma Best Practices Webinars over the next few months.

With the global pandemic putting a stop to physical events, this is a brilliant way of sharing best practice knowledge across the industry.



What we do next can change everything.

As the world recovers, we have the chance to reset our priorities and build back better than before.

Applying the #BuildBackBetter campaign to the pharmaceutical industry: https://www.eeco2.com/build-back-better/

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